Company About Us

At e-Zinc, we are a team of innovators bridging the gap between a zero-carbon future and the realities of energy demands today. But first off, we are people – passionate, driven, and kind who are committed to creating a bright future together.

e-Zinc was born in response to the accelerating climate crisis by Dr. Gregory X. Zhang, a visionary and seasoned technology developer.

Dr. Zhang recognized the imperative of an energy transition to renewable sources as a key pillar to effectively address our looming climate issues, and saw energy storage as the link to wide adoption. He seized the opportunity to make meaningful impact by applying his skills and knowledge to the problem, and went on to explore the possibilities for the best energy storage solution. His research considered key factors – energy density, stability, reversibility, kinetics, cost, and accessibility.

The winning material was Zinc. It performs well under all of the key constraints, is inexpensive, and is ubiquitous and easily recyclable as well. Armed with purpose and insights, Dr. Zhang went on to build a team and develop a breakthrough zinc-based long-duration energy storage solution to accelerate the energy transition.

We are accelerating the clean energy transition for energy system integrators, generators and customers.