Carboncure, Smarter Alloys, e-Zinc among winners of Breakthrough Energy Solutions

February 18, 2020


Ten startups have been named the winners of the Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada initiative, a public-private project aimed at accelerating the development of cleantech.

Each of the winners has the chance to receive up to $3 million to develop their technologies, with an opportunity to gain access to additional private investments from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), and others.

“We’re excited to witness the ultimate results and impact these breakthrough technologies will have on climate change.”

The initiative was launched under a new stream of Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) Energy Innovation Program and in partnership with BDC and Breakthrough Energy, a group of high-net-worth investors established in 2015 by Bill Gates to address climate change. The initiative is intended to advance a sustainable clean energy future through tech. 

“It’s great to see the value that our partnership with NRCan is creating as we reach this exciting milestone in the Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada initiative,” said Eric Toone, executive managing director at Breakthrough Energy Ventures. “We’re excited to witness the ultimate results and impact these breakthrough technologies will have on climate change and look forward to following them on their journey toward prosperity.”

The winning companies include:

Havelaar Canada (Toronto, Ont.): Havelaar is developing technology that increases electric vehicle charging speeds.

Intelligent City (Vancouver, BC): Intelligent City is working on technologies aimed to build carbon-neutral and net-zero energy-efficient family housing.

G-Batteries (Ottawa, Ont.): G-Batteries is creating fast-charging lithium-ion batteries for use in electric vehicles.

Ekona Power (Vancouver, BC): Ekona is using methane from feedstock to produce clean hydrogen and electrical power.

CarbonCure Technologies (Dartmouth, NS): CarbonCure is implementing carbon capture solutions by storing carbon dioxide and recycling waste from concrete products.

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Biome (Toronto, Ont.): Biome aims to improve wind energy production at an existing wind farm.

e-Zn (Toronto, Ont.): e-Zn is creating a low-cost technology to store energy from renewable electricity sources, such as wind and solar.

Smarter Alloys (Waterloo, Ont.): Smarter Alloys is using heat engine technology to generate inexpensive, emissions-free electricity.

CERT Systems (Toronto, Ont.): CERT is converting carbon dioxide into conventional chemical feedstocks and fuels to support the decarbonization of the chemical manufacturing, transportation and energy industries.

Evercloak (Waterloo, Ont.): is developing a dehumidification technology for air conditioners that cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the energy use of cooling systems by over 50 percent.


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