Bob Galyen

Company Owner at Galyen Energy, LLC

Bob is an Energy Storage technology executive with experience in large corporations (ATL, CATL, Magna, Delphi, GM) and small entrepreneurial businesses (Tawas, Indy Power Systems, World Energy Labs). He recently received the prestigious China “Friendship Award”​ in 2015 and received the title “National Distinguished Expert”​ from the Peoples Republic of China Government Talent 1000 Plan in 2014. Bob is currently CTO of Contemporary Amperex Technology Company Limited in NingDe, Fujian Province, PRC. CATL specializes in clean technology lithium ion battery systems used in electric vehicles and high efficiency storage systems. He one of the favored speakers on the xEV and ESS conference programs. In professional organizations he has held the Chairmanship of SAE International Battery Standards Steering Committee for 8 years (with 22 Committees reporting to him) and is Chairman of NAATBatt International. He also serves on Senator Lugar’s Advisory Board for Renewable Energy at IUPUI, the Dean’s Executive Advisory Council at Ball State University and the National Fire Protection Agencies Board of Advisers. He holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry and has 40 years experience in battery technology. Bob was first ever front cover individual feature story for Batteries International and has feature articles on a regular basis. He serves on Board of Directors and Technology Advisory Boards for multiple companies.

Notable Awards include:
• China Friendship Award
• Talent 1000 Award from Peoples Republic of China as “National Distinguished Expert”​
• Ball State University “Circle of Distinction Award”​
• Automotive News “Electrifying 100.”​
• SAE International’s “Technical Standards Board Outstanding Contribution Award”​
• General Motors “Best of the Best” Award