Jane Kearns

Partner, Evok Innovations

Jane is a recognized leader in sustainable innovation and leverages over 25 years of experience in clean technology, sustainability and venture capital. She has co-founded, scaled and exited a renewable energy company.
Prior to Evok, Jane was Vice President, Growth Services and Senior Advisor, Cleantech at MaRS Discovery District, a launchpad for Canadian startups, where she oversaw development and delivery of products and services for 1,100 tech and hard tech ventures.

Jane sits on the board of Evok portfolio company e-Zinc, as well as Clear Blue Technologies International (TSXV: CBLU). Jane is also an advisory board member for StandUp Ventures and Amplify Capital, and is a member of the Expert Panel on Clean Growth for the Canadian Climate Institute.

She is a Cleantech and Energy faculty member at Singularity University, and holds an MBA from Columbia University.