e-Zinc Completes Project with NRCan – Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada

September 1, 2022

TORONTO– e-Zinc, the company enabling sustainable, long-duration energy storage with its zinc-air battery, has completed a project through the NRCan – Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada joint collaboration initiative.

With the support of NRCan, e-Zinc designed, manufactured, tested and validated the performance of a demonstration scale e-Zinc energy storage system. This type of system will be used (1) in combination with wind or solar in off-grid applications to reduce/eliminate reliance on diesel generators, (2) behind-the-meter as a replacement for diesel in backup power/resilience applications, and eventually (3) at a grid-scale to support the deep levels of renewable energy penetration required to achieve our carbon reduction goals.

During this project, e-Zinc made extensive improvements on its cell and system design, and validated the performance of its technology in the lab and in the field. The e-Zinc team grew from 10 to 33 full time employees over the project period and will continue to grow as e-Zinc’s product nears commercialization.

The full project report can be viewed here.


About e-Zinc

e-Zinc is a zinc-air battery company based in Toronto. The company’s energy storage system can be up to 80 percent more cost effective than comparable lithium-ion systems for long-duration applications. Importantly, its energy storage system can operate in cold and hot climates and is made of abundant and recyclable materials. www.e-zinc.ca.


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